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Recognition and Events

Recognizing and rewarding your success

HTK recognizes its top advisors through the HTK Summit, Peak and Alpine Programs, which reward outstanding advisors with special benefits to help them grow their practices. Our recognition programs promote accomplishments and offer exceptional opportunities for top level representatives to further develop their client relationships and increase their prospects.

  • HTK Summit Program

    The HTK Summit Program is reserved for the top 10 advisors annually. Summit Club advisors receive additional privileges, on top of those associated with the Peak Program, including generous reimbursement of business expenses and a home office concierge service.

  • HTK Peak Program

    The HTK Peak Program supports top advisors in three distinct areas, all designed to help grow their business:

    • Recognition for outstanding achievements
    • Valuable support to build their practices
    • Networking opportunities with peers
  • HTK Alpine Program

    The HTK Alpine Program is designed to assist highly productive advisors in reaching the next level. The goal is to ultimately achieve membership in the Summit or Peak Programs within three years, using the tools and support this program provides.

Hornor, Townsend & Kent, LLC (HTK) Gold/Silver/Bronze Medals

These awards recognize the HTK advisors who have the first, second and third highest total sales for the year as measured by HTK conference credits. By ranking at the top of all other advisors registered with HTK, these producers distinguish themselves as the best of the best.

Product sales that count as HTK conference credits include equity and mutual funds, including mutual fund trails; fees from advisory products and services; all variable life and individual variable annuity products (6% of deposit is used as crediting method) and other earned GDC. Outside group annuity sales are credited as GDC.

The HTK Blue Chip Award


The HTK Blue Chip Award is presented each year to the one individual who best exemplifies the principles of HTK and Penn Mutual. In doing so, the advisor must be a top sales performer and demonstrate the highest level of integrity in meeting the needs of his or her clients.

In addition, he or she must possess a strong sense of commitment not only to their success, but also to the success of their clients and to both HTK and Penn Mutual.

2017 HTK Blue Chip Award
Michael Scott, CFP®, CLU®, ChFC®, Independence Financial

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National Advisors Council (NAC)

HTK is committed to staying in constant touch with our advisors. The NAC assures your voice is continually being heard, and you’ll benefit from open communication that can resolve issues and concerns more quickly. In addition, the NAC plays a key role in shaping what is ultimately delivered to advisors and their clients.

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